Lagos Analysis Corporation (LANCOR) is a business management consultant, value-added reseller, and developer of financial accounting and business process automation software for government agencies, small and medium-sized businesses in the United States and Nigeria.

LANCOR owns proprietary electronic process automation software, GAP4, which is used to map and automate clients’ existing processes. LANCOR automation software is used to perform and support various functions related to data input, accounting entries, financial reporting, management reports and warehouse management systems to control the movement and storage of data within an operation, primarily focused on government agencies, consulting firms and non-manufacturing entities.

LANCOR also, provide services in implementation of technical design of network infrastructure, network service upgrades and maintenance, technical troubleshooting of multi-level infrastructure problems, network and server security, as well as backup, archiving, and storage of data from servers. Further, LANCOR offers value-added services consisting of software engineering, training, technical support, and other consulting and professional services. Furthermore, LANCOR provides software customization, data migration, business process reengineering, and implementation assistance for complex technology environments.

LANCOR’s research and development efforts have produced such products as Single-layout Multilingual Keyboard (KỌNYIN Multilingual Keyboards) and Biometrics Information Management Systems (BIMS-SA100 Biometrics data capture).

LANCOR Case Study – Consulate General of Nigeria, New York, NY USA – Finance & Accounting Operations Automation: The Consulate wanted to improve the efficiency of its finance and accounting operations. LANCOR was contacted to develop a computer based process to invoice to payments cycle without using typewriters or hand writing of checks. LANCOR performed an “as is” review of the Consulate’s accounting operations and developed a comprehensive automation of all the processes for its finance and accounting operations. LANCOR GAP4 Web application was designed specifically using the approved Ministry of Foreign Affairs standards for operating Overseas Missions’ finance & accounting operations. In short, we simply computerized what the Missions have been doing manually for years.