Adé G. Oyégbọlá: Mr. Oyegbọla is both the founder, Co-President and Chief Executive Officer of LANCOR. Prior to forming LANCOR, he was the executive assistant to the CFO at a public policy consulting firm, where he developed a new line of management consulting in finance and accounting information systems solutions. He has worked with senior management in both large multinational companies and mid-size corporations, in design and implementation of complex information systems. A pragmatic goal oriented Functional Consultant with 10+ years of project implementation experience, strong analytic and multitasking skills, tenacious and incisive strategist who understands and has supported the implementation of major ERP systems such as SAP and Oracle in multinational environment. LANCOR’s clients have found that his services have greatly enhanced their capacity to succeed and accelerate their Return On Investment.

O. Walter Olúwọlé: Mr. Olúwọlé is the Co-President and Chief Technology Officer of LANCOR. Prior to joining LANCOR, Mr. Olúwọlé owned BSC International and worked for a City Government’s Planning and Engineering department, where he led the effort for a 1.5 million dollar Energy Management automation project for citywide energy conservation, building automation and computer networking. With his engineering, computer programming and networking experience, he was able to pull together the resources needed to get the project completed on time and within budget. Mr. Olúwọlé is a graduate of Wentworth Institute of Technology.

Our management team also includes men and women with over 15 years of network engineering, process design and complete concept to implementation experience. Additionally, our outside management advisors provide tremendous support for management decisions and creativity.